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Care and Maintenance

All our products are handmade with natural fibres by artisans from the Chilean Patagonia. Random stains or liquid spillage are some of the situations you may face. Here you can find some tips for proper maintenance and care.

Our rugs, blankets, bed throws and other products are made with all Chilean Patagonia artisan tradition affection. To preserve their estimated useful life and beauty it is important to follow these pieces of advice: direct heat sources (sun, fireplace, heater, etc.) dry and slowly vanish the fibres, so avoid keeping this kind of products close to them. Rotate position if possible to prevent uniform wear down. Keep them always dry and away from too dark places. Do not place a rug in too wet areas. Keep the rug floor always clean. Clean without detergent and dry it out before replacing the rug. Take your rug outside under the sun from time to time for no longer than two hours and carefully vacuum clean it. For rugs placed on hard floor we recommend the use of anti-slip gripper underlay in order to prevent natural fibres from deterioration and get more safety. It is important to consult with a wool rug expert for any necessary special care.

First scrape very carefully with a spoon and try to remove as much of the spill as possible. Once finished, put absorbent paper towel over the stain and a heavy weight object (for instance, a book) over the paper. Leave it for a few minutes and repeat the process if necessary. Never scrub a wet stain. If after this procedure the stain remains, clean with warm water and try to remove only the rest of the stain. If necessary, add special wool detergent diluted in water. Repeat this last process until the stain has been totally removed. To finish mix one spoon of white vinegar and water and spray over the stain. Put absorbent paper towel over the area and a heavy weight object over the paper. Let it rest for a few hours until it is completely dry.

If it is mud or general dirt wait for the stain to dry and then carefully and softly rub it.

In case it is a more powerful spill such as paint, glue or something else contact a professional.

To clean up sand, dust, hair or other common dry particles it is necessary to vacuum clean. The device should remove all dirt placed at the bottom of the rug. Both sides of the rug must be vacuum cleaned if necessary. It is always important to vacuum clean carefully and regularly to prevent damage on the natural fibres. Occasionally ventilating and shaking the rug is also useful.