Practices – Casa Sur & Co


We are committed to equity and the sustainable development of our society and environment. We contribute day by day and try do our best to build and develop a better society.

100% hand made

Because our work is manual, we devote special time and energy to the elaboration and creation of every product and its accessories. Our devotion and commitment for every process result in products which stand out for their excellent quality and contribution to the preservation of Chilean Patagonia’s cultural identity.

Natural and Sustainable

Our key value and commitment is the use of thoroughly selected natural fibres. In Casa Sur & Co. we work for every product and process to generate as small impact as possible on the environment and best to society in general.

Fair Trade

In Casa Sur & Co. every product and process generate a positive impact in the lives of our people, our culture and our land by always following ethical standards conducive to sustainable development and fair growth for our collaborators and their community.