FAQ – Casa Sur & Co

Frequently Asked Questions

When a rug is made by hand every single detail of the manufacture process is kept an eye on to avoid variations. Unlike machine made rugs, handmade rugs hold a unique identity.

It’s part of wool and raw fibres’ natural process. It only occurs at the beginning, after a few weeks the fibres will get used to the environment and your rug will no longer show fluff.

Yes. All our products can be tailor-made as you request. We accommodate to your needs, you can choose size, design and finishing touches different from those available on our website.

You can request whatever variation you want. If you choose a rug you may add or eliminate tassels or plaits, change colours according to our pattern charts or change measures .

This strictly depends on the use and care the product gets. Our products tend to deteriorate more in high traffic spaces than in low traffic spaces. Casa Sur & Co.’s rugs and other products last long (5 to 10 years), but just as anything else they require care and maintenance.

You can shop on our website and pay with credit card, debit card or by wire transfer. You can also contact us by email to examine an alternative deal.

Una vez el producto cumple con los requerimientos solicitados por el cliente y nuestros propios estándares, hacemos envío de este. En caso de que el producto recibido tenga un deterioro u no sea de tu agrado, ponte en contacto con nosotros al correo contacto@casasurpatagoania.com o nuestro teléfono.

Para cambios sólo recibimos productos que no han sido utilizados; nos tomamos 48 horas una vez devuelto el producto para hacer esta revisión. Se aceptan devoluciones o cambios hasta 30 días corridos de recibido el producto.

You can send a message at +56 9 94401430 to arrange a visit from us with some of our products and samples or pay a visit to our showroom in Vitacura (Santiago city) or our offices in Puerto Varas.