Process – Casa Sur & Co


Every part of the process of each one of our products is a permanent concern for every Casa Sur & Co. team member. The practices we embrace are learning experiences that have been passed from generation to generation and their preservation and development is our commitment.


After selecting and spinning the fibres, with the dye we provide the consistency and vitality it requires. What is most necessary in this process is the knowledge and experience the dyers may have so the technique gets perfected. The dyeing process is made by hand and includes the use of fire, a large saucepan with various types of colourants and a stirring tool. Once dyed, the fibre is left outdoor so it can dry under the sun and winds of the South of Chile.


Our artisans provide the fibre with consistency in this part of the process. Wooden tools from many years ago and their own hands are used by our craftswomen. The fibre is rolled up or cut off and then left ready for the loom weaving process.


All our rugs and other products designs use a traditional loom and different types of weaves depending on the order in progress. For all orders we use traditional loom styles with a modern, contemporary touch according to the design’s needs for every product. Usually two or more craftswomen work on every hand loom.


Every finished product fibre that was loom woven goes through a thorough examination. Tassels, plaits or loom stitches must be revised in order to give the product consistency. We must particularly do it because of the various options we offer for every rug and for the commitment for quality with wich we are commited.

Last but not least

The last step, our rugs and other products go away happy. Once a product is ready we pack it with our own seal, a big hug and is ready to show off in his new home.